Short but simple post today. (Notice I am posting more? It’s a new thing. For me. That I’m doing.)

A video made the rounds on FB, today. It’s an interesting local-news clip of pure Tech Panic, this time about how HACKERS CAN FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE OMG THINK OF THE CHILDREN.


They’re hacking everybody!

Because the news is, you know, sane. and not at all sensationalized. Ever.

Most metadata is harmless, useful stuff: make and model of camera, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, so on and so forth. Flickr displays all of that proudly, because the Flickrati are all about the f/stops and we really dig being able to nitpick over whether the bokeh would be better or worse with a different aperture. As an example, view the metadata/EXIF page for one of my photographs on Flickr. See? It’s mostly jargony information.

But, master Photojedi, you may say, I don’t care about f/stops, I care about geotagging. First off, care about f/stops, photography is awesome. Secondly… I shall explain how to check for yourself if you’re not sure whether the phone’s really calling from inside the hou— I mean, not geotagging your photos.

One. Snap photo with phone, send to computer.

Two. Go to photo image. Do not view it; right-click it and view properties, like so:

infoThis is how you can view all the metadata assigned to each image you have.

Three: under properties, look for Details. You will see the same sort of metadata that is in my Flickr data page linked above. If you have geotagging turned on, you will also see a special location notice, GPS.

Blurry because screw you, is why.

Blurry because I am not where I ought to be.

All you have to do is go into the camera app and switch that geotagger off.

There is a reference page on Snopes about this; it points out that Facebook and Twitter automatically strip geolocation from images, which I find baffling because they make you opt out of geotagged text input on their apps. But nothing makes sense in this great big beautiful tomorrow ANYWAY, so I guess that’s all right.

Okay? No more panic now? You may return to submitting good stuff to Cute Overload and Dog Shaming.