Strange things happen to, or with, or around me.

I like to tell stories about them.


4 thoughts on “About

    • I read the sad story about poor Riley… Yes, it was sad — that her owner didn’t love her enough to “put her to sleep” at first sign of her distress. I can’t believe you let that dog suffer because YOU didn’t want her to go. I pray YOU will be in as much pain when your time comes, and YOU have to suffer as Riley did. I’ve had many dogs in my day, and they died in MY ARMS, AS SOON AS THEY NEEDED TO BE. I loved them too much to let them suffer any more than necessary.

      • I did not know that it was cancer until I received that call. The preliminary tests indicated a damaged spinal disc which our surgeon was capable of healing. It was only on the double-checking CT scan the day we were scheduled for surgery that we learned the truth.

        These things were written in my original blog post, which I assume you did not read; much of the content of that post, including the specifics of Riley’s condition, had to be edited out to fit a length requirement.

        Rushing to judgment is rarely useful, you see?

  1. Wow, Gayle. Harsh and uncalled for.

    Julie, I wanted to write you because I just read your essay on Dogster about New Dog. I worked in an animal shelter for 5 years, and am very familiar with Black Dog Syndrome. In any event, in January of this year I went to the local shelter to look for my New Dog, and the reason I’m writing to you is that my New Dog looks just like Logan! Especially in the pic of him in the cage, and your hand reaching through. Identical! And the beautiful brown eyes are just the same as well. I wish there was a way I could attach a photo, you’d be surprised. Anyway, I saved Heidi, and she saved me, and I love her dearly! She, too, looks like a Border Collie mix. But no white. None. Really black dog.

    After reading your article, I was curious to see if you’d written anything else, and I found your beautiful and painful story of Riley. I felt such a connection, because you captured the feeling so eloquently, and it was exactly how I felt when I gave the word to end my Jazz’s life 14 months ago. And like so many other commenters, when I finished reading, I wept. You took me right back to that moment. So sad, and yet, a reminder of how we’re all connected.

    Anyway, I have never written to a writer before. There’s a first time for everything! Thank you so much for sharing your love of Riley and Logan, and touching my heart.

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